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Whole Life Profile reports are the most detailed and informative reports in the industry. Our reports are specific to each person and their developmental needs. The reports are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download Adobe Acrobat.

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Sphere Graph

•   Sphere Graph and Narrative (PDF 1005kb)

This report reflects tendencies related to five key areas of life that are represented as spheres. Each sphere consists of six characteristics related to that sphere and the characteristics are organized in paradoxical pairs. This report represents the five elements of life and reflects the tendencies related to those five areas (as shown below).

Paradox Graph

•   Paradox Graph and Paradox Narrative Reports (PDF 321kb)

A paradox is a seemingly contradictory statement, which may nonetheless be true. Both Jung and Freud recognized that the human mind is based upon opposite forces. Paradox theory extends that principle to include complimentary and paradoxical forces and applies it to specific traits. Each of the 12 paradox graphs shown below provides a graphical view of your tendencies related to each paradox.

Characteristics and Definitions

•   Characteristics Definitions Report (PDF 66kb)

This report shows all the characteristics and their definitions in order of the applicant's score. The information is listed in order of the highest score.

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Whole Life Profile
Whole Life Profile

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