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Monday March 18th and Tuesday March 19th, 2019
Hamburg, Germany

Saturday April 6th, 2019
Houston, Texas

Whole Life Profile Coaches Training

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Event: Hamburg, Germany
Company: AD Leadership Consulting GmbH
Event place: Baze Business Center, Baumwall 7, 20459 Hamburg, Germany
Contact Name: Franziska Mick
Contact Email:

Whole Life Profile certication, 18th March 9am-5pm + 19th March 9am-1pm

Event: Houston, Texas
Company: Dawson Consulting
Event place: Library of the Houstonian Club, 111 N Post Oak Ln, Houston, TX 77024
Contact Name: Sheryl Dawson (Certified WLP Consultant)
Contact Number: 1 281-451-4244
Contact Email:

Whole Life Profile certication, 6th April 9am-4pm

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Relationship Health
Physical Health
Financial Health
Psychological Health
Whole Life Profile
Whole Life Profile

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